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Landing Page Design Principles - Anomaly

The design principle of anomaly is concerned with changing the design of one-of-many similar page elements to draw attention to it. It can be used to great effect when you need to add emphasis to an element, for example a specific customer logo, tool integration, sponsor, speaker etc. Watch the video to learn more.

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Landing Page Design Principles - Anomaly - 4:51

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The design principle of anomaly. Now this is all about taking a group of similar elements and changing something to focus people's attention on the element you want them to be paying attention to. If you look at this grid of squares, which one do you look at? Which one are you drawn to? If you ask ten different people, you'd probably get ten different answers because everything is the same. But if we make one small change, rotate one of the squares by 45 degrees, creating a diamond shape, what do you look at now? Well it's obvious. It's that. This is anomalous to the rest of it. That's what the design principal of anomaly is all about. Making one element stand out from the rest. How would you use this in practice?

Well, a few examples. Imagine you're in a conference, and you have speakers. These are the head shots. And many of you are doing social promotions so you're sharing head shots with a description, their talk title on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever it is. You're driving them to this landing page. If you use the principle of anomaly like this, this is the person you're promoting. When they come, they'll scroll down, they'll see the speakers. Oh! That's the one they were promoting in the ad. That's message match. That's tying what was in the ad to the experience on the landing page. And it's really easy using the principle of anomaly.

Another example. Look at this listing of podcast episodes in iTunes. Which one do you look at? You look at mine because it's got that little red explicit icon next to it because I said some adult words in the episode. That is anomaly. It's the only one that's different. Draws people's attention to it. I bet my episode got way more plays than the other ones. Implementation time. I'm going to jump inside the Unbounce's landing page builder and show you how you can use anomaly on your landing page to get people to focus on something very specific.

Here we are inside the Unbounce's landing page builder. This is the example landing page we're going to use throughout this video series. It's a fictitious company called Optimization Kit. In order to use the principle of anomaly, we're going to imagine a situation where we are running an ad campaign about one of our integration partners. Our software works with something else. And what we want to do is draw attention to the one we are running the campaign for, which in this case is Art Design Cat. First of all, we're going to put a subhead in here to actually describe what these logos represent. Are the customers integration partners? Are these websites where are writing a blog post has been featured? So it's important to give them a headline to explain what they are.

So I'm going to put an extra page section in there where I'm going to put this introductory headline. Drag some text. I want this to be a different font. Luckily inside Unbounce we can add hundreds. So I want open sans here, center it. So now this is introducing what these logos are and we can use anomaly to make one of them stand out. In this case Art Design Cat. I'll drag a box down here that I'm going to use to make that logo stand out from the rest. And I'm going to add a border but just to the right and left. Now you can see that this one is totally different to the other five along that strip. And it connects with that headline. Optimization kit integrates with these awesome tools. And right there Art Design Cat is the most dominant one because we use the design principle of anomaly.

That's another landing page design principle you have in your toolkit. So please try them out on your landing pages. You'll improve the clarity, you'll improve the impact of the design, and ultimately increase conversions. 

Video Transcription - The Landing Page Design Principle of Anomaly